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5 Useful Tips on How To Get Your LinkedIn Profile Noticed


You’ve put in a lot of effort ensuring your LinkedIn profile is complete. You’ve got a professional looking profile photo, and you carefully constructed your summary to speak directly to your target industry. How do you now measure your LinkedIn success?

How many views does your profile receive daily? Weekly? These numbers matter. Your profile views are your way of gauging if your profile is making its rounds through your connections ensuring the exposure of your personal brand.

If you’d like to see an increase in the number of visits your profile receives, here are 5 easy tips to get your profile noticed:

1. Engage

Perhaps one of the biggest ways to get noticed is to start engaging. Take the time to appreciate the content that other people in your industry put out there by liking it or sharing it. Make an effort to write a comment that shows your read the article and have an informed opinion on the subject. Not only will you get noticed, but they will also identify you as someone who speaks their language. This is almost a guaranteed way to get a profile view.

2. Viewing others

They’ll notice you after you’ve noticed them. It is that simple. And you’re more likely to get a view in return for your view when they see through your profile photo that you look professional. Make sure you have a captivating headline to draw them in.

3. Publish quality content

You’ll want to prove yourself as an expert in your field. You can do this by consistently publishing quality content that is relevant to your industry. These blogs could be hacks, latest news, insights or any updates in your field that would be beneficial for others. These articles are essential to forming your professional brand.

4. Join groups

When you join groups, you widen your audience. Groups can lead you to more qualified prospects who will be more likely to be interested in the content you intend to publish. You would be attracting the right people to your profile when you share in the discussions within these groups.

5. Like and comment on comments

You’re already consistently engaging by liking, sharing, and commenting on other people’s publications. But have you realized that those people commenting on other people’s blog posts may be prospects you haven’t tapped into yet? Take the time to read through the comments, and you’re likely to find other people you could potentially do business with someday. Get their attention by liking their comments if it is worthy of a like. Or you can comment in agreement to their comment to get them to notice you even more. You’ll catch their attention which will surely lead to a visit to your profile.

In conclusion, while getting more profile views on your LinkedIn profile is essential in building your personal brand, remember to seek the attention of the people who matter to your professional success. Ultimately, the numbers will only matter if they convert into qualified leads.

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