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7 Social Marketing Tasks You Should Hand-off and Why


As a marketer you know social media is important to your marketing mix, but doing social media well consistently is a challenge.

Often social media management is a task assigned to an in-house team with other responsibilities and it doesn’t get done well. Building a strong social media presence is incredibly time-consuming.

Social media marketing is now considered a specialty skill and not something that your current team may be equipped to do. It requires skills in audience development, search engine optimization, analytics and pattern recognition, content curation and other digital marketing tasks.

Your social media management is a task that can be easily handed-off to a specialist. Not only will it be cheaper, but you’ll experience much better results.

Here are seven social media marketing tasks it makes sense to outsource.

1. High-quality content

Growing your social media presence by curating and creating quality content takes time. While software companies are filled with employees that have product and market knowledge getting the information out of their heads and into the form of an article is challenging, especially week after week. And, keeping up with the latest news relevant to your customers can suck up an entire morning. In a fast-paced software company, the best social media intentions get pushed aside by the crisis of the day.

However, if you want to build a strong digital brand, it is necessary to have a channel to connect and engage with your audience through quality content for them to consume. You can outsource marketing tasks such as idea generation, research, copywriting, formatting, and metadata optimization.

2. Social media interaction

Great blogs and social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can get dozens of comments. Big brands receive hundreds. Authentic engagement with your audience is essential, and if you find yourself with no time to thoughtfully respond to each one, then it’s best you outsource this task to someone who understands your company brand and vision and can speak on your behalf.

3. Monitoring your brand mentions

Social media monitoring can be time-consuming. But it’s important to know what your customers are saying about your brand. There are automated systems that can do this for you but having someone monitor those to be on top of any mentions that need to be addressed promptly.

4. Social media posting

Social media posting is something you can certainly do yourself. However, outsourcing someone to post consistently on a schedule is something that will allow you room to focus on other more important marketing tasks. Also, if you have already outsourced someone to curate content, they will ensure that relevant content is posted consistently. Furthermore, social media strategists know that there is an optimal time for posting and will make sure that your content is posted at the best time to gain the most traction and engagement.

5. Design and create visual content

In-house digital designers are very expensive to keep on your team full-time. But outsourcing a skilled designer to create visual content for you on a per project basis will cost you much less. Striking images that captivate your audience are crucial to your marketing strategy as audiences initially put more attention towards visuals than they do text.

6. Marketing report creation and data analysis

You certainly know how to assess the data. However, you also know how long it can take creating a list of reports which include exact data point with historical figures for comparison. Hiring someone who can create these reports for you saves you a lot of time and lets you get started on your action plans sooner.

7. Social selling

Social media is no longer about just being social, today it’s all about social selling. According to LinkedIn, social selling leaders are 51% more likely to reach quota. 78% of social sellers outsell peers who don’t use social media. While you can’t effectively outsource sales, you can turn over the administrative part of social selling to an agency. Social selling experts will act as extensions to your sales and marketing team by doing the research, making the connections, and setting the appointments with C-level decision-makers in your target market.

I’m Pam Swingley, founder of Savvy. Our marketing services help B2B technology companies succeed. We connect product marketers to customers for market validation. Fill sales pipelines with qualified leads. And, supercharge anemic social media accounts. Results are backed by decades of tech marketing success with Fortune 1000 companies (ADP and Oracle), startups, and mid-sized software firms. Say hello to savvy marketing; www.savvyinternetmarketing.com.