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7 Techniques To Generate Qualified LinkedIn B2B Leads


When it comes to conversion rates, LinkedIn wins over Twitter and Facebook as the social media platform of choice for business to business visitor-to-lead conversions. In fact, 80% of all B2B leads originate from LinkedIn with a conversion rate of 2.74% which is more than double compared to other social media sites.

However, it’s not as simple as creating a profile and sitting back and waiting for the prospects to come to you. You need to work at bringing in those qualified leads. Here are 7 techniques to get you started.

1. Be active

Posting regularly on LinkedIn is different than when you post on other social media sites. On LinkedIn, it is acceptable for you to post once or twice a day especially if you are posting something relevant and informative concerning your industry. The more active you are, the more attention you’ll get.

2. Be original

While sharing other people’s content is a great way to shout out that you appreciate their work, be sure that you are also publishing your original thoughts via your own blogs.

Piggybacking on other’s content can only get you so far. It’s your original content that will really showcase your knowledge and skills in the industry and is an excellent way to promote your personal brand.

3. Get personal

Use the InMail option to send someone a direct message if that prospect is not yet in your connections. This will allow you to connect to other professionals. You can initiate interaction by mentioning how you’re connected or tell them you liked a piece of content they published.

4. Group participation

LinkedIn Groups are a perfect channel for making more connections in your industry. You all already know that you have a shared interest which makes communicating come naturally. Join groups that are relevant to your industry and target market. Share your thoughts. Start a conversation. Get noticed.

5. Get sponsored

It’s a small price to pay for something that will guarantee rewards. Sponsored updates will increase your availability and heighten the potential for lead generation. If you’re worried that others will view it as paying for exposure, it’s actually been proven that other professionals who utilize sponsored updates are seen as more trustworthy because they demonstrate that they are serious about their business.

6. Search

That’s right. To find prospects, you need to go looking for them. LinkedIn’s advanced search options can get pretty detailed leading you to people based on school, company, role, and other specific criteria. Leverage the sorting functions to refine your search. Search by name, title, and specific keywords. You’ll be surprised by the number of business prospects you’ll find.

7. Mentioning prospects

@Mentions are an excellent way to get noticed. When you mention a person or organization on your status update, they will get a notification that they have been mentioned. Share something that your connections in the industry would also find valuable. In this way, you’ve gotten the attention from the influencer and have also provided your connections with relevant articles or news that they will find interesting.

In conclusion, LinkedIn is a great place to spread your professional wings. So if you are a business looking to connect with other businesses and have decided to leverage LinkedIn to gain quality leads; you’ve come to the right place.

If you want to learn more on how to generate qualified LinkedIn B2B leads, let’s connect! I’m Pam Swingley, founder of Savvy. Our marketing services help B2B technology companies succeed. We connect product marketers to customers for market validation. Fill sales pipelines with qualified leads. And, supercharge anemic social media accounts. Results are backed by decades of tech marketing success with Fortune 1000 companies (ADP and Oracle), startups, and mid-sized software firms. Say hello to savvy marketing at www.savvyinternetmarketing.com.