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Cost: $1,000/mo.
Type: Month-to-month contract
Includes: Twitter, 1 personal  LinkedIn account, corporate LinkedIn page, Facebook
Ramp: Two weeks
Expect:  Increased online visibility, website traffic, leads and sales
Twitter: 150-300 new followers per month in your desired target market.
LinkedIn: 20-30 good connections per week.
Website traffic: experience and average increase of 500%-1000% of social media traffic within the first 60 days of working with us.
Ideal for: tech companies that don’t have budget for a full-time social media marketer or companies that want to scale social quickly.

Savvy Social Media Marketing

Building social connections requires daily attention. And lots of it. But in high tech marketing departments social media management gets left behind as more visible projects take priority.

Savvy marketers know that just because social media isn’t as flashy as a new website, or big event, it is a powerful tool for communicating your message, building relationships, and driving website traffic.

Turn your social media marketing over to Savvy and we will grow your social media presence quickly and with targeted followers in your desired demographic, or target location, practically anywhere in the world. We focus on Twitter and LinkedIn for B2B traction, Facebook for having a presence.

We are very savvy at starting conversations with your new followers and generating leads from social media and then providing training for you or your team members so you can convert your new followers and leads into sales.

To fill  your social feeds, we combine your original promotional and educational content with content from around the web.  Have writer’s block? We can help with that as well.

Our dedicated team manages each of your social media networks on a daily basis.


  • Company research and strategy planning
  • Content marketing plan
  • Daily social media posts
    – 6 per day Twitter
    – 2 per day Facebook
    – 1 per day LinkedIn
  • Custom artwork for social media banners
  • Customer prospecting daily
  • New followers and connections daily
  • Welcome message sent to all new Twitter followers
  • Monthly social media and content report