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LinkedIn Secrets to Give Your SSI Score a Boost


On a scale of 1 to 100, how do you think your social selling efforts measure up? How do you think you stack up against your industry peers and your network on LinkedIn?

Knowing your Social Selling Index (SSI) will allow you to see if you have been effectively using LinkedIn for your social selling efforts. Your SSI tells you how well you’ve been leveraging your social network to make the right connections, build trusted relationships, and ultimately reach your sales goals. Your SSI is calculated based on the following 4 variables:
• Establish your professional brand
• Find the right people
• Engage with insights
• Build relationships

If you want to give your SSI a much needed boost, then you will need to go deeper into the 4 determining components. The following 12 hacks will dramatically increase your SSI Score.

Establish your professional brand

1. A complete profile. Make sure that your profile is 100% completed. This includes everything from your summary, headline, job title, and experience. Your experience should be complete as well and include your previous job titles and descriptions. Include any certifications, projects and special skills that are relevant.

2. Professional looking profile photo. You don’t have to hire a professional photographer to accomplish this. It’s amazing what phone cameras can do these days. Choose a bright, neutral background in a room that is well-lit, preferably by natural light. You don’t necessarily have to be in business attire but be sure to look clean and well put together.

3. Speak the right language. Remember who your target audience is. Everything about your profile, from the jobs and experience you’ve highlighted, to your photo, to the tone you use should speak the language of your target market.

Find the right people

4. Advanced search for Premium Members. If you are a Premium user on LinkedIn, you can use the filters found in Advanced Search to find senior leaders in organizations relevant to you. If you use Saved Searches for trigger based selling, you’ll even receive daily or weekly updates on new prospects.

5. Advanced Search for Basic Members. If you have a Basic membership, you can start with keywords on Advanced Search for the most accurate results. Try to find the most influential people in your target companies. Engage with people who have viewed your profile and those who have liked, shared or commented on your posts.

6. LinkedIn Sales Navigator. If you want an in-depth search for new prospects, LinkedIn Sales Navigator users can use the Lead Builder which allows you to use any filter to pinpoint people within organizations based on seniority, skills or role.

Engage with insights

7. Gain attention. Get yourself noticed by consistently engaging with your connections by linking and commenting on the content that they share. Your casual yet professional comments will prove that you are knowledgeable in the industry.

8. Share. Keep your account active by sharing your own company content or even re-sharing connect you feel is relevant. In this manner, you are providing valuable articles to your connections on your shared industry.

9. LinkedIn Publisher. Publishing your own content shows your level expertise in your field and will showcase your original thought.

Build relationships

10. Connect. Don’t limit yourself to professional prospects. Make connections with old university classmates, former colleagues, and even people you know socially. Those connections could open up a whole new set of prospect possibilities.

11. Multiple connections. There’s no rule that you can only connect to one prospect per organization. Build relationships will encourage other leaders and decision-makers.

12. Nurture. You can’t just make a connection and then walk away. Make an effort and continually engage. This will ensure that you establish trusted, valuable relationships.

Do you want to learn more on how to increase your LinkedIn SSI score dramatically? I can help!

I’m Pam Swingley, founder of Savvy. Our marketing services help B2B technology companies succeed. We connect product marketers to customers for market validation. Fill sales pipelines with qualified leads. And, supercharge anemic social media accounts. Results are backed by decades of tech marketing success with Fortune 1000 companies (ADP and Oracle), startups, and mid-sized software firms. Say hello to savvy marketing at www.savvyinternetmarketing.com.