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Should You Offer Incentives for Interviews?

Think you have to give something to get something? Sandeep De answers this popular Quora question.

Should You Offer Incentives for Interviews?

No, I wouldn’t, because you want to find problems compelling enough that people want to speak exactly because of that rather than some additional incentive.

If they’re not willing to speak, the problem is probably not big enough for them to care, or they may not actually be an early adopter.

What you want is for people to be so motivated on the possibility of a solution to a problem that they are excited to talk about it. It also helps identify if you’ve got messaging that resonates and connects to the people you’re trying to solve problems for.

Maybe the problem/solution is good but the way it’s explained isn’t. Remember the point is to turn uninterested / unaware people into actively interested.

I think incentives make sense for win/loss analysis or why people leave at various stages of the customer lifecycle (acquisition, activation, revenue, retention, etc.).  At that point, the customer has already indicated the solution is not solving something compelling for them or falling short in some way, so it makes sense to provide an incentive to come back and explain why. $50 in gift cards or to charities is pretty cheap to find and plug holes in the bucket.

“Should You Offer Incentives for Interviews?” was originally published by Quora on November 30, 2012.
Answered by: Sandeep De