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Cost: $1,100/mo
Type: Month-to-month contract
Includes: 6 unique articles a month, 4 thought leadership, 2 repurposed promotional/product marketing content.
Ramp: Three weeks
Expect:  Increased website traffic, SEO, email list subscribers, be viewed as a thought leader, profitable customer action.
Ideal for: Tech companies that want to position themselves as thought leaders in a space and/or companies that want to build trusted relationships with prospects throughout the sales cycle.

Savvy Content Marketing for B2B Tech Companies

54% of B2B marketers report that producing engaging content is one of their top challenges. Although your company is filled with exceptionally bright people who have deep industry knowledge, they are simply too busy to write on a regular basis. Good writing takes time, a strong editor and a bit of design to help it stand out.

Sharing content for B2B tech companies is a challenge too. There is still no magic button to publish across all of your content channels.

While hard to get done on a regular basis, quality content is a highly effective marketing tactic for tech companies. By speaking to the pain points your buyers face, and acting as their strategic partner and advisor, you stand out from your competitors, and connect and engage with customers in a way that drives sales.

Savvy writes your articles in a thought leadership style that focus on industry trends and solving buyer problems. We focus on quality, not quantity. And we write in a way that makes it easy for your audience to understand the value your bring.

Your quality content is distributed where your buyers are, on LinkedIn, Twitter and related industry websites.

In addition, Savvy curates industry content and shares it through your social media accounts. We work closely with you to stay on top of your internal content, ensuring it doesn’t stay buried in product marketing. Savvy takes your hard work,  re-purposes, polishes and publishes, adding to your steady flow of quality content.


  • Content research and strategy planning
  • Content marketing plan and schedule
  • Four original thought leadership 400-600 word articles/month
  • Two repurposed content pieces/month
  • Daily sharing of curated industry trend content
  • Uploaded to your website (if needed)
  • Custom artwork for articles
  • Content distribution across channels. Twitter, blog, partners, LinkedIn
  • Formation of content distribution/guest contributor partnerships
  • Monthly activities/results report