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Expect:  30-50 quality market validation/customer discovery meetings with target customers. 500 new quality connections and a robust LinkedIn profile and network that will enhance your career. Dramatic increase in social selling score.
Ideal for: 
Product marketers who require real-life input from potential customers in order to build successful products. Use for problem/product discovery and validation, positioning and continual product optimization.

Cost: $1,750/mo. plus $229/meeting.
Type: 6 month contract, 30 guaranteed meetings.
Required:  A LinkedIn Premium Plus membership  (approx. $45/month).
Includes: LinkedIn social selling optimization and management,  target list development, daily outreach for professional connections and engagement, thought leadership content, appointment setting, monthly reporting.
Ask us to do it all: No time to talk? An experienced product marketer will conduct your meetings for you and deliver a complete transcript of the interview. $159/meeting.
Ramp: Immediate LinkedIn activity, with first meeting in 9 weeks.

Savvy Customer Discovery Meetings

Every product marketer has received this advice — the conversation goes a bit like this:
Advisor: “Get out of the office and talk to customers!.”
Product marketer: “How many?”
Advisor: “100, or more, in person.”
Product marketer:!@#$%^&*?”

For a typical B2B software product marketer who juggles many demanding projects, this advice is absurd. Identifying, engaging, scheduling, meeting and reporting customer discovery results is a full-time job stretched over many, many months.

Yet, it is absolutely true that talking to customers early, and often, is the best investment you will ever make.

Savvy  improves the life of product managers and  increases business success by connecting product marketers with prospective customers via LinkedIn. We arrange between 30 and 50 meetings with potential customers in your target market, using your personal LinkedIn account. We do it in a professional way, over six months to not harm your reputation.

To make high value connections we follow LinkedIn best practices. We manage your LinkedIn account and establish your professional brand with a great profile and thought leader articles. We expand your network by connecting to and establishing trust with decision makers. If you are too busy to attend meetings, an experienced enterprise software product marketer will conduct the interview for you. You’ll receive a complete transcript of the meeting.

In most cases, we can narrow your connections by industry, titles, and geography. You can even give us a list of companies to start with.

Savvy follows a proven methodology:

Month 1: Savvy optimizes your LinkedIn profile and zooms in on the customers you want face-to-face meetings with. We research you target list, keywords, and curated content, draft outreach messages, and put an expert copywriter to work on creating your professional summary. These tweaks to your profile provide value for many years.

Month 2: We begin to extend your network by connecting with ideal prospects filtered by job titles, location, company names, company sizes, industries and specific keywords.

Month 3: In month three we move into the opportunity phase where we expand on your relationships and make the first meeting requests. Expect to meet with a few customers in week 9.

Month 4: This is the month where you can gain significant insights through 7-15 customer discovery meetings.

By the end of month 6, Savvy will have sent 1,000 connection requests on your behalf resulting in at least 500 new connections and 30-50 customer discovery meetings. Say …. Hello (at) SavvyInternetMarketing (dot com).